الأرز الأحمر باللحم


1 Kg Meat with bones or whole chicken
3 medium spoons Margarine + 3 pieces tomatoes medium and mince
3 pieces carrot medium chopped into rings
5 maiden spoons Tomato paste + 3 Onion medium
Hot green paper + 3 Glasses Rice + 2 big spoons Salt
1 Table spoon from (pepper + spices) + 4 rods Clove + Grains’ Cardamom

Method of Preparation

Mince the onion , and grill it in the margarine , then cut the meat into small pieces , then add it to the onion , and continue roasting them , then add the tomato paste , the carrot , the salt , the hot paper , the black pepper , the clove, the cardamom , and the spices, stir all together , and leave them to let the tomato cook , then add the water , and leave it on medium heat for an hour to let the meat cook, then remove the meat from the pot , and add the rice you drenched , decrees the heat , when its done serve it…

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