برياني الحاشي بالخضار


1+1/2 Kg Lamb Meat
Onion sliced + Garlic sliced + Spices (salt + cinnamon sticks + clove + cardamom)

Briani Mixture
½ Glass Pea + 1 Potato chopped cubes and grilled + ½ Glass Carrot chopped cubes Onion sliced + Mint mince + mince green Ginger + Briani Spices + Salt + 1 Can Yogurt + 4 Glasses Rice

Method of Preparation

Boil the meat in the water with the onion, the garlic , and the spices for an hour, roast the onion , and remove half of it and keep it on side ,remove the meat , and add it to the onion then add on it the yogurt , the Briani spices, the salt , and the ginger ( around two tea spoon ) , cover the pot until the meat is cook , then use the meat broth to boil the rice inside it ( just half cook ), filter it , then add the half of the vegetables , and the mint on the meat , and cover them with the half of the rice , then add the rest of the vegetables and the roasted onion , then add the rest of the rice , and cover it with aluminum foil, and leave it on low heat for ten minutes.. Then serve it…

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