Fresh Chicken washed and cleaned + Lamb Meat minces
3 Glasses American Rice +Salt + spices + Magi
2 Glasses Carrot chopped into small pieces+ 2 glasses frozen pea
Parsley fine mince+ coriander (fagot from each of them)
Chicken mixture (1 Table spoon Mayonnaise + ketchup)
2 big Onion fine mince + 2 Table spoons Oil + Nuts roasted for decoration

Method of Preparation

Roast the onion with little oil , then add the meat until its cook , on low heat , then add the salt , the magi cube , one table spoon spices ,and water , one glass pea , and one glass carrot, when the meat is done add the half of the parsley and the coriander , and leave it on side, the roast the other onion , and cut the chicken into two half’s , stir them with the onion , add the magi cubes, , the spices , the salt , and the water , until it cover the chicken , and leave it to boil , then take out , and flow the mixture on it, and put it in the oven to be roasted from top , then add the rice to chicken broth, and add as well the rest from the pea , and the carrot,, after its done serve it with the chicken on top and spread the nuts on it…

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