أرز الدجاج بالكاري


2 Chickens cut into 4 pieces, washed and boiled with water, salt, and spices
1 big Tomato squeezed
1 Tea spoon grounded spices (black pepper + cumin + dried coriander)
1 Tea spoon from (herd + carry) + ¼ Tea spoon fresh grounded Ginger
Onion medium size mince + 4 Garlic lubes smashed
3 Glasses basmati Rice (washed) + ¼ tea cup caddy water drench saffron in it

Method of Preparation

Roast the onion with the garlic and the ginger with little oil, then add the tomato juice, and the ground spices, the herd , and the carry , then add the boiled pieces of the chicken , stir them well and little amount of the cardamom , and cover it
Boil the rice in the chicken broth half cook ., then filter the rice , and add half of it to the chicken and mix it well , make sure its on low heat , then add the rest of the rice on it , and leave it until its cook , then serve it..

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