الأرز باللحم واللوز

Amount of Meat + shredded Carrot + Onion cut into squares
Meat mince + 6 boiled Eggs
Spices (clove + cardamom + black pepper + coriander)
3 pieces Tomato cut into squares
Oil+ Salt + Coriander + Almond for decoration
2 Glass Rice + Water

Method of Preparation

Boil the rice in the water for half an hour, then add in the presser pot the meat , the onion , the spices, the oil , stir them well , then add the carrot , and stir , then add the tomato , and leave it on low heat until its cook , after that take it out the pot , then add the rice to the broth , and leave it to cook …
Spice the mince meat with the spices , and the salt , then take amount from the meat as egg size and press on it between your hand , and stuff it inside a boiled egg then grill it in the oil , then serve the rice in serving plate add the meat on it , decorate it with boiled eggs, and the meat balls that has been cut two half’s , and spread the roasted almond…

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