كوزي الدجاج المحشي


2 Chickens + 3 big Onion + 6 pieces Tomatoes + Macaroni spagitti
4 Table spoon Tomato paste + 2 Glasses Oil + 1+1/2 Kg Rice + Rice + 1Table spoon spices kuzzi + 6 boiled Eggs + Lemon + tomatoes slices

Stuffing Ingredients: ¼ Kg minces Meat + 1 Onion small fine mince
Macaroni + dash of (Salt + Black pepper + Cumin)

Method of Preparation

Boil the macaroni and take quarter of it to make the stuffing, mix the meat with the onion. the cumin ,and the black pepper , put them on the oven until they dine, then mix them with macaroni you put it on side , then put a boiled egg inside the chicken then add the stuffing and swing it, then prepare the rice and roast the onion then add the tomatoes, the paste , the salt and the spices , stir until you see the oil flow on the top , take one spoon from it and mix it with the rest of the macaroni , then put the chicken in a pot and cover it with water for one hour, then take them out and add the rice , and put the chicken in the oven to roast them , then serve the rise put the macaroni on it , and cut the chicken from the middle , and put on the rise…

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