منسف أردني


2 pieces Jammed (dried yogurt)
1+ ½ Kg Lamb Meat with bones
3 big Glasses Egyptian Rice drenched in water for 10 minuets
Sheraq bread or Marquq + Salt + Spices + Magi + turmeric + Cooking Oil
Parsley + coriander fine mince
Nuts (Cashew + pine + almond)

Method of Preparation

Drench the jammed in the water for six hours, then mix it in the mixer with its water , so will have a sourer yogurt, after that wash the meat and put it the in hot water , during that time drench the rice in the water for ten minutes, then cook the rice in water with salt , two spoons from the turmeric, and oil , after its done frappe a big plate and put the bread on it then , after t he meat is done add the salt , the spices, the magi, the yogurt , stir well for fifteen minutes , then roast the nuts , remove the meat from the yogurt , put it on the rice and spread the nuts on it , with little yogurt, and serve it with the yogurt…

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