قوزي البقول


First Group
Kind of dried legumes (as desired)
1 Tea cup red dried pee
1 Tea cup white dried pee
1 Tea cup small bean
1 Tea cup big bean (butter bean)

Second Group
1 Table spoon Salt
2 cub Magi
4 grain Cardamom
1 rod cinnamon
1 cup Oil

Third Group
4 Glasses Rice
Dough Ingredients:
3 Glasses white Flour
1+ ½ Glass Water
Spices + Salt (as desire)

Method of Preparation

Drench the legumes in warm water for 4 hours, after that boil them using the presser pot for (2-3) hours (in case you use the regular pot it might take 4 hours).
With adding the second group ingredients to the boil water, then wash the rice, and drench it in the water for 20 minutes.
Then add the rice to the legumes in the pot after it’s cooked, leave it for half an hour to be cook.
Now start kneads the dough and leaves it for one hour.
After that start to divide the dough into sections, then start outspread it, and paint it with oil, so the rice will not stick with it.
Then add the rice on the dough, and pull the dough edges to the up and close it together, and make sure not to be chunk.
After that paint the oven try with the oil, and arrange them, cover there surface with the egg, and spread the sesame on them (as desire)... put it in the oven until its done , and serve it..

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