أعشاش الشعيرية


1 Pack Vermicelli Nest
1 Magi cubes + hot water
¼ Glass Oil + Salt
2 Can Crème + 3 Table spoon Mayonnaise?

Stuffed ingredients
1 Kg Mince Meat or Chicken
2 Onion medium (cut into small pieces)
Mix vegetables
Salt + Mix Spices (as desire)

Method of Preparation

Prepare the stuffed by roasting the onion with oil, then add the chicken or the meat with the vegetables and the spices with salt, leave it on low heat until it is cooked.
Put the Vermicelli in a pan , and leave space between each one , put the magi cube in the oil , add hot water and salt , stir good until magi cube is melt, then spread it equally on the vermicelli , and add the rest of the hot water on it until ¾ of it is cover with the water. Cover the pan with aluminum foil and put it inside the oven until the water is drained, take it out and stuffed each one with the stuffed , then mix the crème with the mayonnaise and use it as topping for each nest, then return it back to the oven and roasted from up only .

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