معكرونة بالتونة


1 Pack pasta ( macaroni) + 2 Tea spoon Olive oil + Green onion ( mince ) +Green hot paper + Garlic ( shredded ) + Mushroom ( sliced) + Cheese chider shredded
2 Tuna can (without the oil) + ¼ Glass lemons (squeeze) + ¼ Tea spoon Salt + ¼ small spoon Black pepper.

Method of Preparation

Boil the pasta in hot water with salt and oil , and after it’s done filter it , heat the olive oil in a pan , and roast the mushroom , the onion , and the Green hot paper, then add the tuna , the salt , pepper , and the lemon sauce , and leave it on medium heat ..
Add the pasta to the mixture and stir well , move it away from the oven , add the cheese and put the mixture in a Pyrex add spread the rest of the cheese on top , put it in the oven and roast the top only … serve it hot..

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