بيتزا الأندومي


1 Pack Toast bread without the edges+ 2 bags Chicken Indomie
Sweet Paper (sliced) + Onion (sliced) +Olives & Mushrooms (sliced) + Mozzarella Cheese shredded+ 1 Table spoon Butter

Bechamel Ingredients: Put in the mixer as follows
(5 mall Glasses Water, 3 pieces triangle Cheese, Magi cube, 2 Table spoon Corn Flour,, 3 Table spoon Oil , 3 Table spoon Milk powder )

Method of Preparation

Prepare the indomie as usual, keep it on side, then mix the béchamel ingredients in the mixer, put it on the oven until it get thick...
Put a layer from the béchamel sauce in the Pyrex pan , then arrange on it the toast , then another layer from the béchamel sauce , then spread the indomie on it and cover it with the béchamel sauce , mix 1 table spoon melt butter and spread it on the last béchamel layer , then cover it with mozzarella cheese , arrange the ( onion, tomato, green paper), then add the sliced mushrooms and olives and the rest of the mozzarella , turn the oven from up and down and put it inside it until it’s reddish

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