بيتزا المكرونة


Macaroni (any kind) + Mozzarella Cheese + Puck Cheese liquid + Nestle Crème + Black Olive + Mayonnaise + Salt + Water.

Sauce Ingredients
Onion + Garlic + Green Paper hot or cold ( all of them minces ) + Tomato juice + Chicken cut into small pieces ( or mince meat ) + Salt + Spices + Hot sauce + 2 pack Tomato paste + 2 Magi cubs

Method of Preparation

Boil the pasta in water with salt inside it, the filter it ad wash it with cold water so it will not be stocked together, then we mix 2 table spoon puck cheese + 2 mayonnaise + sour crème, and flow it on the pasta ,and keep it onside ..
Roast the onion , garlic, paper , chicken until they dried , then add the tomato juice , the sauce, , magi ,salt , and spices , and leave it to be cooked , after it’s done flow it over the pasta and cheese mixture , cover it with mozzarella and black and green onion , put it inside the oven from( 15-30) min or until the cheese is melt ..Serve it hot...

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