Tiramisu with the pieces of the cake

تيراميسو بقطع الكيك


1 pack pound Vanilla Cake
1 pack pound Chocolate Cake
1 carton of Ring fingers Biscuits
2 Can Crème
3 packs Dream whips
2 Can Cream caramel powder
1 table spoon Coco powder
1 table spoon Nescafe

For Decoration
2 bars of Galaxy float or flake

Method of Preparation

Start making the mixture from the crème + whipping dream + cream caramel + then whips them with the hand mixer for few minutes until it becomes thick, then divide the mixture into three equal parts in three deferent pans, in the first pan add one spoon from the coco/ in the second add spoon from the Nescafe / in the third leave don’t add any thing…
Cut the cake into half cm width , then grape a moving mould with 28cm diameter , arrange the rengo fingers on the edges like plumb, on the mould walls, add one layer from the cake on the bottom one layer chocolate , then another vanilla layer , then flow the coco mixture on the first layer and straight it with the spoon , then add another layer from the cake , as the same way add the plain mixture, then add the last layer from the cake slices , and on top of it flow the Nescafe and fix it with the spoon , then breaks the galaxy bars and spread it over the mixture , cool it in the refrigerator from2-3 hours, after that remove the moving tray ..Cut the cake, and serve it with coffee or juice…

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