تشيزكيك النسكافيه بالبندق


450g Digestive grounded biscuit
¾ Glass grindery Hazelnut
200g Unsalted melt butter
400g Cream cheese (Philadelphia)
¼ Glass sugar
½ Glass weeping crème
3 Eggs
5 Tea Spoon Flour

Ingredients to cover the hazelnuts with caramel
1+1/2 glass Sugar
1 Tea spoon Nescafe powder
½ Glass Roasted Hazelnut

1+1/4 Wiping Creme
1 Table Spoon Sugar
1 Tea Spoon Nescafe

Method of Preparation

Mix the grindery hazelnut , the biscuit , and the butter ,with one table spoon of the powder sugar , press them on the bottom and sides of the model , inter it to the refrigerator for 10 min.
Turned the oven on middle heat, then mix the cheese with the sugar with the hand mixer, then add the eggs one by one while you mixing. Mix the flour with weeping crème, then add this mix to the cheese mixture and mix all together...
Add a little amount from the drawn coffee so you have a nice flavor, flowed it on top of the biscuit, put it in the oven and bake it for( 45 -50) min, on low heat.
And when it is done turned the oven off and opens the oven door and leaves it there for one hour, then takes it off and leaves it until its cold, then put it in the refrigerator...

Whip the creme until its thick, and then add the sugar and the Nescafe.

To Cover the Hazelnut grains with caramel
Melt the sugar on low heat , then add the Nescafe and the hazelnut grains ,and stir all of them well , take the hazelnut grains quickly with a fork and put them on aluminum paper to cool them down.
Before you serve, decorate the cheese cake with weeping crème, hazelnut grains covered with caramel.

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