Corn Flakes Sweet

حلى الكورن فليكس


First Layer
1 pack from Biscuit tea
3 table spoons cashew nuts
4 table spoons Butter

Second Layer
1 cans Creme
2 table spoon Strawberry Jam
2 table spoon Craft Cheese

Third Layer
2 Glasses Corn Flakes
Galaxy Chocolate

Method of Preparation

For the first layer
: smash half of the biscuits , and flakiness the other half by hand, then ground the cashews and add it , melt the butter , and add it to the mixture and knead it with your hands, then press it on medium oblegon tray and spread a spoon of melt butter,

For the second layer:
melt the jam on low heat , then add it to the cheese and crème , and mix them well , then spread it straightly on the first layer..

For the last layer: flake the cornflakes with your hands , and put it as the final layer , the shred the galaxy , and add it over the cornflakes, put it inside medium heat oven , for ten minutes from below, then turned it from up and keep it for five minutes .
Put it in the refrigerator until its cold, cut it, and serve it…

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