Swiss Rolls Torte

تورتة السويسرول


Chocolate Swiss roll Cake (big size)
4 packs Dream Whips
4 cans fresh Crème
½ Glass Milk powder + Ulcer Biscuit
Galaxy chocolate for decoration

Method of Preparation

Prepare the cream by mixing the whipping crème, the crème, and the milk, whips them until you got thick crème,
Cut the steamroll cake into slices, arrange them in the cheese cake tray on the bottom , and the sides, then add a crème layer , and on it add a layer from ulcer biscuit after you flake it with your hands , then another layer from the Swiss roll , and so on… until the last layer is the crème layer ..
Put the mould in the refrigerator minimum for six hours, then take it out, and shred the galaxy bar on the top...
Remove the cake from the mould, and serve it cold...

The easiest way to shreds the chocolate when you use the cheese and carrot shredder, and some house wife’s use the potato shredder, and it gives good results...

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