The delicious Apple Pie

فطيرة التفاح اللذيذة


Dough Ingredients
3 Glasses Flour + 3 tea spoon Biking powder
3 Eggs + 1 tea spoon Vanilla
½ glass Sugar + 2 bares Butter (200g)

Stuffing Ingredients
7 Apples peeled medium size or (5 big ones)
½ thin bar Butter + 3 table spoons Raisin
2 table spoons almond or cashew
2 table spoons Cinnamon + 7 table spoons Sugar
½ Lemon (squeeze) + little lemon peel shredded

Method of Preparation

Dough Method: use flour nest, then add to it ½ glass of sugar with the biking powder, melt the butter, and knead the four, the sugar and the biking powder with it, then add the eggs after you beat them with the vanilla, put all the mixtures together and knead them with your hands, leave it for fifteen minutes, and cover it with material or plastic.

Mixture Method: melt the half bar of butter on low heat , then add the apples on it , while you stirring , then add the sugar, then the lemon juice and the peels, while you stirring , until the apples is done , add the cinnamon , and continue mixing, finally add the raisin and the nuts.

Now prepare the pie: take quarter of the dough, and keep it on side, then knead the rest of it as follow:
Put it between two plastic bags, and knead it , and try to make it the same thick as much as you can , prepare the mould , and remove the bag from above the dough, and upside –down it in the mould , then press on the plastic bag to straight the edges , cut the extra dough from the edges, add the stuff on it , and make crossing lines on the surface with dough we keep it on side, bake it for half an hour , and roast it from up .. Then serve it...

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