Easy Cheese Cake with blueberry

تشيز كيك سهل بالتوت


First Group
1 pack Biscuit (fine grounded)
50g soft butter (½ bars)
2 table spoon Crème

Second Group:
½ glass Sugar + ½ glass Milk powder
8 pieces Kerri Chesses + 1 small can yogurt
1 medium spoon gelatin melts in quarter glass of hot water

Topping: pie filling Blueberry flavored

Method of Preparation

Grape the cheese cake mould, the moving basic, the diameter of it is 22cm.
Mix the first group ingredients and put it in the mould, while you pressing on it so it will be tight together, then mix the second group ingredients in the mixer, then add it on the biscuit, put the tray in the refrigerator for three hours until the layers are frozen.
Spread the filling on the surface , then return it back in the refrigerator, so the layers will be tight , after that put the cheese cake in the serving plate , and serve it cold..

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