Lentil soup

حساء العدس


1 spoon oil or margarine
1 big onion fine sliced
2 lug smashed garlic
1 green hot paper cut
1/2 small spoon turmeric
1/3 glass red lentil
1 glass water
2 pieces tomatoes cut
2 spoons tomato paste
Lemon juice
2 pieces medium
1 carrot
Coriander leaves for decoration

Method of Preparation

Heat the oil in wide pan, roast the garlic , the onion , the paper and the turmeric , then add the lentil , the water , and the tomato, leave it until it start boiling , then decrees the heat on it , cover it , and cook it until the water is absorbed.
Smash the lintel with the back of the wooden spoon, until you make it like thick sauce, then add the water, and mix it well.
Add the rest of the ingredients, and leave it on low heat for half an hour (you can add little water if the lentil is thick).
Decorate it with coriander leaves, and then serve it.

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