Sandwich and Nan Indian bread

خبز وسندويتشات النان الهندي


1 glass white flour
1/2 tea spoon instant yeast melt in 1/4 warm glass water with1 tea spoon sugar, keep it to double size it and puff
1/2 glass yogurt
1/4 bar melt butter
1/2 tea spoon salt
1/2 glass milk
Water if need it

Chicken sausage
Small onion slices
1/4 red paper sliced
1/4 green paper sliced
1/4 yellow paper sliced
6-7 fresh mint leaves
Oil to roast the onion

Method of Preparation

After you ball the dough, you can spread out like circle; flip it out 2-3 times quickly on Saj.
Roast the sausage in a an with little oil, then roast the onion in the same an, add the caraway grains, cut the papers, then the mint leafs, put the bread on the Saj, then add the sausage and the stuffing in the middle, then hot sauce, then closed it and press on it while its on Saj until its roasted from the both sides, then serve it.

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