Spring rolls with Indian potatoes

سبرنغ رول بالبطاطا الهندية


Onion cut into cubes
2 spoons hot sauce
1 spoon mince ginger
1/2 glass pea
5 pieces big potatoes boiled and smashed
1 piece hot paper cut
1 table spoon minces coriander
1 table spoon masala
1 table spoon grounded cardamom
I dough spring rolls

Method of Preparation

Roast the onion, the ginger, the hot paper for five minutes, then add the boiled potatoes with the salt, and spices, then add the mince coriander, the hot sauce and stir it good, then add the boiled vegetables for two minuets not more, then remove it away, and keep it to cool down.
Take one paper from the spring rolls then add table spoon at the corner on it, and roll it, then print them with little flour mix with water, and stick them together , then roll them together around the stuffed.
Deep fried them until they roast, then serve it....

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