(chicken Carry (3

كاري الدجاج (3)


Chicken breast cut into squares
1 big onion sliced
1 big tomato cut
1 small spoon tomato paste
1 spoon dried coriander
1 magi cub
1/2 lemon
2 lubes garlic
1 small spoon turmeric
2 small spoons Indian spices
1 yogurt

Method of Preparation

Cut the chicken breast into cubs , put tem in a bowel , in the mixer add all the ingredients except the onion , add only half of it, and cut the other half to roast it, and one garlic lube , the other one cut it and roast it.
Flow one glass of the mixture on the chicken breast, and leave it to drench with it for one hour.
Roast the onion slices , and the garlic in little oil, then remove it away when it's water s dry, add the ret of the mixture , and eave on low heat , cover it , then turned off when it start to be thick.
Decorate it with lemon slices, and serve it with bread.

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