Chicken carry eggplant

دجاج الكاري بالباذنجان


1/2 chicken cut with bones
1 big onion
1 medium eggplant
2 lube garlic
1 small spoon sauce
2 tea spoon carry
1 tea spoon cumin
(1 tea spoon hot red paper (powder
1/2 tea spoon Mhran mix spices
1 glass water
Cooking oil
(Salt (as desire

Method of Preparation

Slice the onion then roast them in the oil, add to it spoon from the carry, and the red hot powder paper.
Add the chicken, the sauce, the spices, the smash garlic, and the water, cut the hot paper into very small pieces, stir them, and leave it on low heat until the chicken is cooked.
Cut the eggplant slices and fried them, then put them on blotter paper, then later add the chicken until it’s cooked, and stir them together, and you can
Add more water if need it, serve it with bread or white ice.

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