1 platter boneless chicken cut cubs
4 big spoons yogurt
1 small spoon minces garlic
1 small spoon minces ginger
Salt+ pepper
Masala spices
Chat (for spreading when you serve it

Bane bread ingredients
(2 big spoons oil Salt +4 big spoons flour+2 eggs Pepper (as desire
This bread to cover the chicken with it

Method of Preparation

Mix all the ingredients together , and drench the chicken in it for 30 minutes, heat the oil in a deep pan then add the chicken cubes , cover it and decrees the heat on it, don't over cook it because it's going to be done when you roast it.
Mix the bane ingredients in the mixer well, and then dip the chicken in it, deep fried them in medium heat until they are roasted. Then serve it...

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