Indian Lamb meat Kofta

كفته لحم الخروف بالطريقه الهندية


1/2 kg mince lamb meat + 1 big spoon mince garlic+ 1 big spoon mince ginger + mince hot green paper + 1 small spoon hot graham masala spices + 4 big spoons chickpeas + 1 small spoon grounded coriander + 1 small spoon hot powder + salt + oil for roasting + masala chat for serving.

Method of Preparation

Mix all the ingredients together, and knead well, then make equal balls from them, put them in the steam pot after you spread little oil in it.
Or you can use the pressure pot, cover it and leave it for fifteen minutes until it's done, then take out the Kofta slowly, and before you serve them, heat little the oil in a pan a fried the Kofta and you can just steam them, and then serve them...

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