Indian stew with meat and potatoes

صالونة هندية باللحم والبطاطس


3 big potatoes cut cubes
1 table spoon minces ginger
2 lobs mince garlic
1 small spoon cinnamon
1 small spoon cardamom
500 g mince meet
1 table spoon hot sauce
(Salt (as desire
1 small spoon masala
1 table spoon Indian spices
2 table spoons coriander
Warm water as needed
Small can tomato paste

Method of Preparation

Heat the oil then add the cardamom , the cinnamon , for one minuets while stir, then add the onion , the ginger, and the garlic, stir them until it got the yellow color, then add on it the tomato paste, and the hot sauce, then add the spices, the salt, and the mince coriander, then add the potatoes.
Cover it with hot water, and leave it for half an hour or less on low heat, then serve it with the rice...

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