Fish beryani

برياني السمك


3 pieces fish
2 glass basmati rice
2 small ht green papers
1 big onion
2 lubes garlic
1/2 green cold paper
4 spoons yogurt
2 tea spoons shredded ginger
1 bay leafs (as desire)
3 small spoons carry + 1 small spoon cumin grains grounded + masala spices for fish with rice
Salt oil
(Spices for the fish (cumin+ hot red pepper powder fish masala spices

Method of Preparation

Spice the fish, then fried them in the oil, remove it out of the oil, and then add the rest of the ingredients at the same oil.
Cut the onion slices, and roast them, then cut the paper into medium cubes and add it to the onion and the mince garlic.
Cut the hot paper into small pieces then add it to the ginger and the yogurt, then add the spices, the salt, and the bay leaf.
Boil the rice in water with little oil, then add it to the yogurt mixer, then put layer of the rice then layer of the fried fish , then another layer of the rice, leave it on low heat for ten mines, decorate t and serve it..

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