Roasted (harraq) potatoes with spices

بطاطس حراق محمر بالتوابل


Chicken breasts
Potatoes cut into cubes
Big tomato big cut

Method of Preparation

Cut the chicken breast in the middle, then spice them with yogurt, garlic, salt, vinegar, lemon, spices, and black pepper, put it in the refrigerator for one hour, then deep fried them, then slice them.
Cut the potatoes big cubes then boil hem half cooked with water, salt, and black pepper and dash of cumin.
Put hem in a pan then add ( mix spices , dried coriander , cumin , black pepper , turmeric , carry , paprika salt), then leave it on fire until the oil is hot, then add the slices of potatoes, and stir it carefully so they will not be smashed, and roast them a little.
After that ass the chicken cubes stir them, and then add the tomatoes and the garlic, later add the mince parsley, cover it on low heat for ten mines, then serve it...

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