Okra with olive oil with pomegranate molasses

الباميا بزيت الزيتون ودبس الرمان


1/2 kg fresh okra
2 pieces tomatoes cut small pieces
Fresh coriander
1/4 glass olive oil
2 table spoons xxx
1 lemon squeeze
Salt+ cumin+ black pepper

Method of Preparation

Wash the okra, then remove the head, put tem in teffal tray , and add the olive oil on them , stir them, and put it in the oven turn from up so they will be roasted for four minutes.
Then put them in a pot and add the tomato, the salt, the back pepper, and dash of cumin, stir them carefully, and then add the fresh coriander.
Add the lemon juice, and the xxx, keep it on low heat until it's cooked.
Before you serve it add the mince garlic (as desire)

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