Balty alou

بالتي الوو


2 pieces potatoes sliced + onion sliced + oil+ 1/4 small spoon grains cumin +1/4 small spoon grains leek + few from black seeds + few from maters seeds + 1 big spoon grains fenugreek + 3 lobs smashed garlic+ piece of ginger cut like sticks+ little from coriander leafs + 1/4 small spoon turmeric + salt + little from masala chat spices + hot sauce as desire

Method of Preparation

Heat the oil in the pan and add the seeds (cumin, masters, and black seeds, h) stir them well for half minuet, then add the garlic, the ginger, and stir for minuet.
Add the onion, and stir until they got the gold color, then add the potatoes, coriander, and turmeric, add little water until the potato is done (around 25 minutes), then spread the masala on it and serve it.

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