Alou masala

الوو ماسلا


2 onions sliced
4 pieces potatoes cubes
1 spoon carry spices
1 table spoon tomato paste mix with water
1/2 small spoon cumin
1 table spoon carry
Cardamom and carnation
1 lube smashed garlic+ fresh ginger smashed
1/2 glass water
Salt+ oil

Method of Preparation

In the preside pot add the oil, the cardamom, the coronation, and the cumin, then add the onion slices, and then later add the carry.
Later add the tomato paste and the water, still them well, then add the potato, stir well and close the pot from (5-10) minutes until the potato is cooked, then serve it.

Remarking: alou masala is kind of slices of potato with onion ANS spiced with Indian spices

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