Polaw rice

ارز بولاو


Basmati rice washed and drenched in warm water for one hour
Mince Beef or lamb
Onion slices
Tomatoes cut
Mince garlic
Saffron drenched in water
Lentil boiled
(Spices (rod cinnamon + cardamom grained+ ginger + cumin+ salt+ Graham masala

Method of Preparation

First boil the rice with water and oil.
Then roast the onion with little oil then add the cinnamon rd, and the cardamom.
When the onion color start to change adds the tomato and stir again.
Later add e meet with the spices stir again until the meat is cooked on low heat.
Then add the yogurt one or two spoons, then mix it well and leave it on fire for few minutes.
Take small onion and slices then roasted and leave on side.
Grape a round Pyrex tray and spread little butter inside it, a put a layer f the rice.
Then spread lintel and the onion on it and few drops of saffron, then put the meet stuffing, and spread it well on the rice.
Then put another layer from the rice and spread lintel and the onion on it and few drops of saffron on it again cover it with aluminum foil and put it in the oven for fifteen minutes.
Flip it on serving plate and decorate it with lintel and onion.

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