Rice moth with roasted chicken

الرز بالماش مع قطع الدجاج المحمر


(2 glasses washed rice (Indian gate
1 glass green moth boiled
2 onion cut small + garlic
Oil + 2 spoons margarine

Spoon grounded cumin
1/4 small spoon grounded cardamom
2 big spoons mix spices
1/2 small spoon carry
1/4 small spoon grounded coriander

Method of Preparation

Roast the onion with oil, and garlic in the pan, and then add the UN grounded spices (4 bay leafs + black pepper + cardamom + cinnamon) stir them for few minutes.

Then add the rice with the moth, stir well, then add the spicy spicing, and spoon of vinegar and salt.
Add boiled water on the rice and make sure to be one cm above the rice or depend on the rice kind.
Leave it on high heat until the water is absorbed, then increase the heat, and leave it for 15 minutes.

The method of cutting the chicken
Wash the chicken and cut it as well, then put it teffal pan then add the onion on it then add the garlic, the green onion, the potato, and the cold sliced paper.
(Then spread the spices on chicken ( mix spices + cumin+ carry + mince red pepper + black pepper + grounded coriander + cinnamon + bay leafs + magi cubes + dash of salt + Agni motto + lemon
The add boiled water until you cover the chicken , then covet it with aluminum foil , then put it in the oven or on it on high heat until it's cooked , and the water is dried , and the chicken is roasted from down , and serve it...

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