Indian Briani chicken

برياني الدجاج الهندي


2 chicken breasts
Big onion
2 hot pepper
2+1/2 glass rice
1 cans tomato paste
Mixed dried fruits
1/4 glass oil
Water ad needed
7 grains cardamom
2 rod cinnamon
Table spoon carry
Salt as desire
Small spoon cinnamon
Table spoon Indian hot spices

Method of Preparation

Mince the onion and the chicken into cubes or slices, then heat the oil in the pan and add the cardamom, the cinnamon, the hot pepper for few minutes.
Then add the onion and continue stir until the onion is got the yellow color, then add the chicken.
Put the dried fruits on top of the chicken for few minutes and stir t, add the spices, the salt and leave t for fife minuets.
Wash the rice in hot water then add the tomato paste to the chicken , then add the rice, and little water until the rice is covered with water,
Waite until it start boiling, then turn it on low heat, and keep it until it's cooked, then serves it.

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