Indian kabsa with chickpeas

كبسة هندية بالحمص


2 glass basmati rice
1/2 chicken cut with bones
1 small onion cut
1 big hot paper
1/2 glass Chickpeas
2 big spoon carry
1 medium spoon turmeric
Masala spices or graham masala for chicken
1 big spoon tandoori spices
1 tea spoon rice color
Salt as desire

Method of Preparation

Cut the onion into small pieces and roast it in the oil.
Then cut the chicken and spice it with tandoori spices, the carry, and the salt, add them all to the onion with the big hot paper.
Stir the chicken until it start to be ready then add the rest of the spices, the chickpeas , the hot green paper after you cut it into small pieces.
Add the drenched rice and cover it with boiled water , cover it until the water is less , ten melt the food color into two spoons of water , spread them on the rice , cover it until it's cooked..

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