Rice with lemon South Indian method

أرز بالليمون على طريقة جنوب الهند


2 glasses rice+ 3 big spoons lemon+ 1/4 small spoon turmeric+ 1/2 small spoon sugar + salt + 3 big spoons oil + 1 small spoon grains mastered + 1 big spoon yellow chickpeas can
Gain from dried hot red paper

Method of Preparation

Boiled the rice s usual, then mix the lemon juice with turmeric, salt, and sugar, keep it on side.
Heat he oil in a pan then add the mastered grains, the chickpeas, and the hot paper.
Add the lemon juice mixture with little of water, and you can remove the pepper so it will not be very hot.
Add the rice to it and stir well until it mixes together and when the water is dry serve it.

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