Soobz Briani

سوبز برياني


2 glasses rice+ 1 carrot cubs + little corn flour + 1green piece cut pea + onion slices + oil + salt + bay leaf + small spoon lemon juice

Briani paste: 6 lobs garlic mince + ginger pieces slices + small spoon fennel seeds + small spoon cumin grains + small spoon grounded coriander + rod cinnamon + hot pepper ( as desire) + mix them all in the mixer .
Heat little from the cooking oil in the pan then add the onion and leave it until it's becomes brown color.

Method of Preparation

Add the beryani paste and stir it for two minutes.
Add the vegetables and the bay leafs, the lemon, and stir it for two minutes, then add the water and the salt.
Put it in the pressure pot with the rice after you drench it and leave for ten minutes, and then serve it.

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