Clown Briani

برياني المهرج


2 onion
2 small spoons dried coriander
2 pieces tomatoes cut
Piece ginger + 4 lobs garlic mince
1/2 glass oil
2 small spoons salt
1/4 small spoon turmeric 2 rod cinnamon
8 grains cardamom
5 grains coronation + bay leafs + 8 grains black pepper
3 pieces hot paper 2 spoons green fresh coriander
3 glasses Indian rice

Method of Preparation

Roast the mince onion until it becomes gold, then add the dried coriander, and put with it the spices, stir them until you smell it without burning the onion.
Add the mince tomato and leave it for a while, then add the chicken until its water comes out
Add the yogurt, stir it quickly, then add the rest of the spices and the green onion and stir a gain. Add the garlic , and the ginger and stir again , then add the coriander , the mint , decrees the heat under it until the chicken is cooked , then boil the chicken in hot water with salt , bay leafs and water for 12 minutes, then filter it.
Grape a pot or tray add a layer from the rice then the chicken on it, then the rest of the rice , bring quarter glass of water rose or caddy with another quarter glass of water , and devised in two tea cups , and add to each one different food color (as desire). If you want You can use saffron only, and do strips with the water, cover it with aluminum foil and put t on the oven , and serve it after you mix the colored rice , and put it on the top of the tray ,and enjoy the taste and the delightfully of its colored.

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