Chicken Cashew with honey

تشيكن كاجو بالعسل


2 chicken breasts boneless and cubs
2 red medium onions
2 green paper medium size
7 pieces fresh mushroom
2 big spoons soya sauce
1 big spoon pomegranate molasses
3 big spoons ketchup
1+1/2 big spoon honey
1 big spoon white vinegar
1 big spoon olive oil
1 glass water

Method of Preparation

Cut the chicken into big cubes and do the same for the onion and the paper.
On Medium heat put a pan and add the chicken with the olive oil and the vinegar with the water, and stir quickly.
Prepare the mixture of the honey, the soya and the pomegranate molasses, increase the oven heat and ads the onion, the paper, stir well then add the mushroom, and the honey mixture, and the soya stir them well then add the ketchup.
Add the nuts and stir well, and then add the rest of the ketchup, and little water if needed, serve it hot.
Its possible o makes the sauce more liquid with adding more water especially when you serve it with rice.

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