Barbecue chicken sauce

دجاج بصوص الباربيكيو


2 chicken legs cut and boneless
1 small onion
1 medium tomato
1 big spoon butter
1 big spoon barbecue sauce for chicken
1 big spoon barbecue sauce for meet
1 big spoon ketchup
1 big spoon honey
1 glass water
Dash of black pepper
(Chicken mix (dash of salt +dash of black pepper+ 1/2 tea spoon carry+ 1/2 tea spoon rice color or powder

Method of Preparation

Cut the chicken and spice it then roast it or grill it on the electric grill, cut the onion small pieces and roast it in the butter, mach the tomato, then add it to the onion, then add the ketchup, the honey and the sauces, stir them well until the sauce color becomes dark, then add the water, the black pepper stir until they Mix together.
After it's mix together and becomes heavy turn the oven off and add the chicken and stir it with the mixture, and serve it directly and hot.

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