Chicken with vegetables mango juice

دجاج بالخضار والمانجو والصلصة

2 chicken legs boneless and cut
1 pieces green paper sliced
3 pieces carrot sliced
1 can mango
Onion cut cubs
1 big spoon soya sauce
Salt+ black pepper
2 small spoons corn flour

Sauce ingredients:
1 glass tomato paste
5 big spoons vinegar
3 table spoons sugar
1 table spoon oyster sauce
1 table spoon corn flour
1 big spoon soya sauce

Method of Preparation

Mix the chicken with one spoon soya sauce, salt, black pepper, and corn flour well.
In a pan add little oil, then put the chicken and flop it so it will be cooked, take it out then add the onion, the paper the carrot stir them for five minutes, then add the chicken you do it before, and add the mixture, stir them well, then add the water that is inside the mango juice, leave the vegetables until they done, add the magi pieces at the end, serve with rice Thai..

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