Chinese chicken with ginger & Garlic rice

دجاج صيني بالزنجبيل وارز بالثوم


Chinese chicken Ingredients
4 chicken breasts sliced
3 small spoons grounded ginger
3 small spoons soya sauce
2 small spoons sugar
2 small spoons salt
1 small spoon pepper
1/4 glass oil

Garlic rice Ingredients
2 glass rice
4 lugs garlic
Water + oil

Method of Preparation

Chinese chicken Method
Mix the ginger with the soya sauce, the sugar, the salt , the pepper and the oil, mix the chicken with them , put them in a special plastic bag for drench , cover it and put it in the refrigerator for the next day. Take it out and put them in a pan and stir them until it’s cooked.
Garlic rice Method:
Roast the garlic in the oil and make sure have the same color, then add the rice and the water, keep it until it's cooked, and serve it with chicken.

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