Canton chicken

كانتون الدجاج


Boneless chicken cut small, or chicken breast
Onion cut squares
2 lobs garlic mince
Cold paper+ carrot+ cabbage cut
2 spoons tomato past
1 spoon soya sauce
Salt + mix spices+ black peeper
1/2 glass boiled water
1 glass cold water melt inside it 2 spoons corn flour

Method of Preparation

Roast the chicken in the oil , then put in teal try the oil , the onion ,and the garlic, stir them, then add the chicken to it , with the spices, the black pepper and the salt, then add the paper, the carrot , and the cabbage, then add the tomato paste, the soya , the boiled water, cover it for ten minutes, then add the cold water with corn flour in it, cover it again , and leave it until it's done, then serve it.

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