Chinese chicken kondo

دجاج كندو الصيني


2 chicken breasts boneless cubes
1 scrambled egg with little salt
Sesame for covering
1 cold green paper cubes
2 medium carrot circles not thick
2 lugs garlic smashed
1 table spo1/4 glass ketchup
1/4 glass sweet soya sauce
1/4 glass salt soya sauce
2 table spoons sesame oil
1 spoon corn flour
Small spoon salt
Small spoon white pepper
Dip the chicken pieces in the egg, then in the sesame, deep fried them in the oil until they got the gold color, and then put them on blotter paper.

Method of Preparation

Grape a pan and put in it sesame oil, and two garlic lobs, and the cold paper, the carrot, the onion , the ginger , stir them in the oil , then add the chicken and stir them for two minutes, then add the three sauces and stir again , add the corn flour to the cold water , then add it to the pot until you have the thick sauce , then add the salt , the white pepper , and stir again , leave it on low heat for five minutes until it start boiling, serve it in a platter and decorate it.

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