Fillet Chinese fish

سمك فليه صيني


(Big filet fish (wash it well

4 spoons mince xxx+ 3 lugs mince garlic+ 2 spoons tomato paste+ 2 spoons soya+ 1 lemon squeeze
1/4 glass olive oil + 1/4 spoon cardamom + 1/4 spoon cumin + coriander mince+ grounded black pepper + paprika + salt ( as desire) + 2 spoons corn flour stir them in water , mix all together.

Method of Preparation

spice the fish pieces for fifteen minutes or half an hour, spread big pieces of cabbage in a try with fine slices of onion , then add the fish on it then put the fish on it, put it in the oven and roast it from the both sides .
The cabbage pieces will be have the sauce flow on it from the fish, then add the lettuce slices, and purple cabbage, and pieces of xx then spread the roasted sesame on the top of the fish, and put roasted onion on the rice, and serve it.

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