Vegetarian macaroni with vegetables

المكرونة بالخضار للنباتين


2bag macaroni spagitti
1big onion sliced
1 head garlic sliced
(Red, green, yellow) paper sliced
1coffee cup soya sauce

Method of Preparation

Boil the macaroni in water with little oil, and then keep the water on side so you can use it again.
Add little oil to the pot and put the onion and roasted a little, then add the garlic, and stir it, then add all the papers and stir them well, now add to it the macaroni water, then the soya sauce, stir well on low heat and leave it until the vegetables is cooked and the sauce becomes thick.
Add the coriander and stir it well, and remove it away from the oven.
Put the macaroni in a plate then the sauce with the vegetables on it the way you like.

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