Falafel rape sandwich

سندويشات الفلافل المغلفة


6 roll Lebanese bread (big size)
12piecess falafel (ready made)
1glass pickles +3eggplant medium size
8 eggs + 1tea spoon salt + 1table spoon oil

Mixture ingredients

3table spoon vinegar + 1midium spoon salt + 4table spoon yogurt
2tea glass flour + 4table spoon mayonnaise + 1/2 lemon
For Rapping: color nap kings

Method of Preparation

Peel the eggplant, and sliced them into rings , beat the eggs and add the salt , then cook it , and notice to make them dislike ( round shape) and thin , then mix all the mixture ingredients in the mixer or manually, then prepare the stuffing to start doing the sandwiches ,
Bring the roll (brad) cut it into 4 triangles, and do the same for the eggs, and cut the falafel into half.
Spread the triangle bread, paint it with the mixture then arrange the layers as follows
Falafel, cucumber, eggplant, egg , then rap it like square shape, and close it like the envelope. Rape it with the color napkin... Then it’s ready to serve it...

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