Bastila with meat

بسطيلة باللحم


1/2nd mince meat
2onion medium sliced
1/2glass pea boiled
1/2glass corn
1/2glass almond shredded
Butter melted
Eggs + 1 scrambled egg
1/2small spoon cinnamon
Salt + black pepper
Spring rolls leaf
Almond (decoration)

Method of Preparation

Roast the onion in a pan, then add the mince meat and stir all together, cook it will, then add the salt, black pepper, and the cinnamon.
Add the pea, the corn, and the shredded almond to the meat and stir them well, keep it to call down.
Paint a small ball with butter and put two layers from the spring rolls leaf and fill it with the mixture and add one egg, close the leaf, and spread little egg on the top, decorate it with almond.
Bake it in the oven and make sure the heat is medium, so it will cook from inside, and roast from out side...

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