فطائر الدجاج بالخضار


Whole Chicken boiled and boneless
Vegetables (carrot + zucchini)
Onion medium and sliced + Garlic Lube
Salt + spices + Black pepper + 2 Table spoon Oil

3 Glasses Flour
5 Table spoons Milk powder
2 Table spoon Oil
1 Glass of warm water
1 Table spoon instant yeast melt in a glass of water with 1 Tea spoon Sugar...
Knead these ingredients together and leave it for one hour

Method of Preparation

Heat the oil and then add the garlic, and the onion, and stir them then add the chicken, the vegetables, the salt, and the black pepper.
Then divide it into medium balls .then spread it and cut half of it like lanes, and put the mixture in the other half then rape it like rolls...
Arrange them in the baking Pyrex, then paint them with egg (yellow part), and put it in the oven and roast it from up and down... Then serve it...

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