مثلثات التوست الفرنسية


32 Pieces Toast
3 pieces Tomato big sizes
16 slices Cheese

5 Table spoon Tomato Paste
7 eggs
2 Table spoon Olive oil
4 Table spoon hot sauces
1 Table spoon Salt + 1 Tea spoon pepper

For Decoration
Green olives + Wood stick to fix the olives

Method of Preparation

Remove the toast edges, then slice the tomatoes , mix the mixture ingredients , and prepare a pan paint with oil , dip the toast into the mixture quickly , then roast it from the both sides in the pan , until you finish the all toast…
Arrange the tomato slices and the cheese on every roasted toast then cover it with another toast stick the olives with wood stick and fix it in the middle of the sandwich …and serve it

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